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Synteract is an international full-service contract research organization with a successful three-decade track record supporting biotechnology, medical device and pharmaceutical companies in all phases of clinical development. Synteract has conducted Phase I-IV studies on six continents and in more than 60 countries, offering broad therapeutic expertise, with notable depth in oncology, immunotherapy, CNS, and infectious disease, among other indications. With its “Shared Work – Shared Vision” philosophy, Synteract provides customized services collaboratively and cost effectively, ensuring on-time delivery of quality data to help bring tomorrow’s treatments to patients.


Rm. 918, 9F, 96, Chia Hsin Bldg. (Second Bldg.) Sec. 2, Zhongshan N. Rd., Zhongshan Dist.
Taipei, AL 104

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Enterprise-grade analysis platform for your NGS whole genome and exome best practices powered by Apache Spark/Hadoop: 10X FASTQ, BAM to VCF acceleration; 50% Lower computing cost; 4hrs BWA/GATK workflow turnaround

UniFlow Laboratory Fume Hoods
HEMCO Corporation

711 South Powell Road
Independence, MO 64056

Phone: 8167962900

UniFlow Laboratory Fume Hoods are the most complete line of fume hoods in the industry. UniFlow AireStream low flow high performance fume hoods feature an exclusive all composite resin construction that is chemical resistant, flame retardant, lightweight, and meets UL 1805, SEFA 1, ASHRAE 110, and ANSI Z9.5 standards. These hoods have a molded one piece seamless composite resin interior fume chamber that has all coved corners and is white for superior light reflectivity. Available in sizes from 30” to 96” wide and in depths of 24” to 48”, and in CAV (air bypass) or VAV (restricted bypass) models. A wide selection of accessories and services are optional to meet exact user requirements. Other HEMCO UniFlow Fume Hoods are engineered and built for specialty applications such as perchloric acid that has either a type 316 stainless steel or PVC welded one piece interior fume chamber including worksurface and rear drain trough, acid digestion that has an HDPE welded one piece interior fume chamber including worksurface and optional rear drain trough, radioisotope that has a type 304 stainless steel welded one piece interior fume chamber including worksurface, and trace metals that has a polypropylene welded one piece interior fume chamber including the worksurface. Each of these fume hoods would still have the composite resin exterior superstructure in lieu of traditional painted steel. Support base cabinets, heavy duty tables and epoxy resin, phenolic resin or stainless steel dished worksurfaces are offered to complete the UniFlow fume hood installation. Additional lab furniture can be designed with the fume hoods including sinks, faucets, wall cabinets to complete the laboratory. Call: 800-779-4362

Active Silicon

Pinewood Mews, Bond Close

Phone: +44 175 3650600

Medical Vision Computer Active Silicon is a leading manufacturer of embedded systems, machine vision products and imaging solutions. As well as offering a range of video interface cards for PCs and embedded form-factors, Active Silicon specialises in developing and manufacturing complete embedded systems. Our latest embedded vision product, the Vision Processing Unit (VPU), is a medical vision computer, designed to acquire image data from USB3 VisionTM cameras. It processes the image stream in real-time and provides several options for data output, including 3G-SDI. The USB3 Vision Processing Unit has been developed for medical and industrial applications, typically embedded into an OEM machine. The unit has four inputs for USB3 Vision cameras and four 3G-SDI outputs arranged as two channels of 3G-SDI video, each with a duplicate output. It satisfies various medical and quality standards and is designed for long-term use in an environment where high reliability and ease of use are paramount. Internally the VPU consists of a COM Express carrier card, onto which the processor module and a PCIe/104 acquisition card are fitted. The whole assembly is fitted into a custom housing. Based on the COM Express mezzanine standard, the processor module utilizes a powerful Intel processor, but various other processor options are also available. The PCIe/104 expansion slot allows for flexibility in system design. In the VPU, the expansion card provides four USB 3.0 compliant host controllers for up to four USB3 Vision cameras. It also has a dedicated USB power supply with the ability to adjust the voltage to ensure reliable device operation over long cables. The carrier card contains most of the I/O interfaces, which includes 3G-SDI output, a RS-232 port, two internal SSD drives (M.2 SATA) and general-purpose USB 3.0 ports. A development port provides interfaces for keyboard, mouse, monitor and network which may be conveniently closed-off for runtime deployed use. For volume applications, the carrier card can be customized to provide different I/O interface options. Alternatively, the number of independent network or output ports for multi-camera applications can be increased. The key feature with the VPU is that it is an easy to integrate module to connect to USB3 cameras of your choice in medical or industrial systems with high expectations to reliability and longevity.