European Ombudsman Shares Her Views of Ongoing EMA Transparency Controversy

June 5, 2014 | Ed Silverman, whose popular Pharmalot blog was revived this week in a new home at the Wall Street Journal, has published an interview with European Ombudsman Emily O'Reilly about her criticisms of the European Medicines Agency. As Clinical Informatics News recently reported, the EMA has been widely viewed as weakening its stance on public access to clinical trials data in recent weeks, prompting a warning letter from the Ombudsman. In this interview, O'Reilly reveals her bewilderment at the seeming about-face at the EMA, and draws a tentative connection between the watered-down transparency rules and a recent settlement between the EMA and AbbVie over the release of clinical trial records. Only one week remains before a vote will be held on the EMA's proposed rules. WSJ Pharmalot


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