April News Briefs

April 28, 2014 | Clinical news releases from the past month:

Definiens signed an agreement with INSERM Transfert to sponsor the worldwide consortium for the validation of the Immunoscore, a new approach to cancer therapy. Under an international task force led by the Society of Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC), the Immunoscore is being validated by leading immunologists and pathologists in 15 countries. Clinical data suggests that patients with a strong Immunoscore have a better prognosis and that immune response may be a better indicator of risk for reoccurrence than standard tumor staining. Definiens, which Clinical Informatics News recently profiled, has developed the underlying technology, enabling the accurate and reproducible quantification of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes that is essential to the Immunoscore test. Press release 

Syapse announced a partnership to make N-of-One’s oncology clinical interpretation available to hospitals and laboratories through interfaces in the Syapse medical data platform. The partnership will provide clinicians the ability to integrate molecular interpretation information directly into their workflow. Using the Syapse platform, hospitals and laboratories will be able to access N-of-One’s interpretation as well as other sources of omics data to build unified molecular profiles for patients. Press release 

GE Healthcare acquired CHCA Computer Systems Inc., an operating room management and analytics solutions provider. CHCA develops the Opera software application, which has helped increase productivity and patient satisfaction in the operating room by providing real-time data to support the decision making and management of surgical procedures. This is GE’s second healthcare acquisition in software this year, following the acquisition of API Healthcare. Press release 

Quanticate was recognized as a category winner in all five of the 2014 Life Science Leader CRO Leadership Awards in Quality, Reliability, Productivity, Regulatory and Innovation. The CRO Leadership Awards were presented by Life Science Leader magazine to help pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies vet potential CRO partners. Press release 

Atlantic Research Group, a CRO, has implemented Comprehend Clinical for clinical data insights. A cloud-based platform that generates analytics, dashboards, visualization and reporting from any data source, Comprehend Clinical is being used to measure staff quality and productivity and power a metrics-based incentive program. Atlantic Research Group has reported a measurable reduction in the number and difficulty of sponsors’ support requests. Press release 





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