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By eCliniqua Staff 

July 7, 2011 | PHT Corporation published its ePRO Modality Tool today for free. Dozens of clinical trial managers within major pharmaceutical companies have used the PHT ePRO Modality Tool successfully to determine the right ePRO modality for specific trial types and phases. By publishing the tool and lifting all previous restrictions for its use, PHT hopes to blaze a new trail in promoting ePRO adoption.  

In a press release, PHT president and CEO Phil Lee said, “The time for ePRO is now. The ePRO Modality Tool makes it fast, easy and free for any pharmaceutical company to learn how and why ePRO is the best patient data collection method for ensuring a safe, economical, efficient clinical trial.”  

Globally, there are five proven ways to collect ePRO data: smartphone, tablet, Internet, digital pen and hand held device. The PHT ePRO Modality Tool enables sponsors and CROs to determine which of the five methods is most effective for collecting ePRO data based on their specific protocol by answering three questions:

  • 1. Where will the ePRO data be collected?   
  • 2. Will the PRO data be collected using simple or complex questionnaires and/or diaries? 
  • 3. Will PRO data be collected frequently scheduled, episodic or infrequently?   
  • As the clinical trial professional answers each question, the PHT ePRO Modality Tool eliminates certain collection methods. The user can roll a mouse over the screen to read why a particular ePRO method is not suitable under their stated conditions, or what caveats may apply. 

    The PHT ePRO Modality Tool is freely available online, as an .exe file for PCs and for Blackberry, iPhone and Android Smartphones. To try the PHT ePRO Modality Tool, visit 




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