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Generate more targeted, qualified leads within life sciences with CHI's Lead Generation programs. We will mine our database of 800,000+ life science professionals to your specific needs. We guarantee a minimum of 100 leads per program!

Webinars: (Lead Minimum 100)  

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Choose a discussion topic from our suggested list, or come up with your own and our team will work with yours to create a highly engaging live online symposium session lasting up to 90 minutes. It's fully moderated by the Editorial Director Allison Proffitt, and co-branded with Clinical Informatics News.

Your custom web symposium is hosted and can be used by your organization following our 90 day post-event host period as an engaging, and educational insight into your organization's technology solutions around your selected topic area.

Give us your preferred attendee profile and we'll draw from our global database of over 800,000 opt-in email records to attract your audience. This includes scientists/researchers, technology professionals, and business managers across pharma, biotech, research based academic institutions, research based hospitals, and government agencies involved in all phases of life sciences.


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