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Clinical Conductor Site CTMS Deployed at Over 1,600 Sites

By Clinical Informatics News Staff 
September 3, 2013 | Bio-Optronics, developer of the Clinical Conductor Site CTMS, has launched the product at over 1,600 clinical research sites around the world, making it the most widely used clinical trial management system, the company said in a statement.
Created with the understanding that no two sites are the same, Clinical Conductor Site CTMS has been designed with extensive functionality capable of satisfying every trial management need while adapting to the specific needs of each research organization. Since its debut, Clinical Conductor Site CTMS has been used in nearly 40,000 trials and has tracked over 2 million trial patients, spanning single sites, multi-location sites, site networks and hospital departments.
"Clinical Conductor Site CTMS has revolutionized the way sites conduct trials,” said Bio-Optronics VP and COO Maria Durkin in a statement. “Our customers are meeting recruitment targets more quickly, improving financial performance and managing trial documentation efficiently.  Sites using Clinical Conductor are also differentiating themselves as successful research organizations that consistently meet deliverables and achieve results. We've seen our customers achieve significant growth in trials. We are proud to be working with them and appreciate the ongoing feedback that enables Clinical Conductor Site CTMS to continue to adapt and grow with the market's needs."
The company reports that sites that have adopted the Clinical Conductor Site CTMS platform have seen dramatic improvements in their overall operational effectiveness; many sites have reported up to a 20% increase in overall efficiency, while showing a 30% increase in profitability while using the software.
The success of Clinical Conductor Site has prompted the launch of Clinical Conductor Enterprise, according to a company statement. Clinical Conductor Enterprise provides project management, visibility and real-time collaboration for CROs, SMOs, AMCs and provider networks managing multiple research trials across multiple sites, research organizations and partners. 
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