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Mobile Clinical Trial Locator Launched for Global Trials

April 2, 2013 | Last week,, a global clinical trials aggregator site launched that gives patients access to trials around the world from their mobile device. The site uses publicly available information from, as well as information from academic medical centers to create an easier and more accessible website for patients, parents and caregivers. The development of the site has been supported and underwritten by the Biomedical Research and Education Foundation and the Bruce and Marsha Moskowitz Foundation.

To use the free service, consumers input the name of a disease or condition, their location, and the number of miles they are willing to travel.  Once the information is entered, a list of both open and closed clinical trials appears. A mapping function shows exact locations of clinical trials, and push notification for patients who are searching for clinical trials for specific diseases, conditions, or wellness studies. By clicking each listing, consumers receive comprehensive information on each clinical trial, recruitment information, eligibility, and contact information. Going forward, it will offer social networking features, connecting users interested in similar topics with other consumers, medical sites, and researchers.

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