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Leveraging the Force - How Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud Technologies Are Optimizing Clinical Development
How can the biopharmaceutical industry leverage progressive technology concepts by adopting emerging digital technologies such as social media, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) to optimize the drug development process? This article explores how evolving digital technologies combined with key clinical advancements can optimize the clinical development process.

Recent whitepapers include:


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Privacy Analytics     De-Identification 101
Perceptive Informatics logo     From Convergence Vision to Reality
Persistent logo     Bridging the gap between compliance and innovation
Novella Clinical logo     Global Oncology Trials: Planning For Success
OpenText logo     Comply or Perish: Maintaining 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance


 Perceptive Informatics logo
     Part One: Taming Technology Chaos,  A Vision of eClinical’s Future
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    Laboratory Management for Clinical and Research NGS Labs

 Novella Clinical logo
     Optimizing Early Phase Oncology Clinical Trials
 Perceptive Informatics logo
     Unlocking the Value of Observational Research.  Cutting Costs, Saving Time:
     Improving Life Sciences Operations with Digital Signatures


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