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Accelerating the Clinical Development Journey with Improved Data Management
How eClinical systems can break the data fragmentation barrier

The need to improve data management and analysis, make decisions faster to accelerate trial timelines and gain competitive advantages is driving biopharmaceutical and medical device companies to utilize emerging eClinical solutions.  

Due to the increased amount of clinical data, a new clinical trials data management model must facilitate decision making by unifying data and making it easier to access, archive and share information and collaborate effectively. 

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Why Monitoring Is More Than Just SDV
A successful risk-based monitoring program entails more than just better site monitoring and reduced source document verification (SDV); it also requires building quality into the protocol from the start and redefining what data quality means. This paper explains how Medidata’s cloud-based tools support the industry-pioneering monitoring programs in-line with TransCelerate’s five recommended tactics: Building Quality by Design (QbD) into trials, assessing risk early and ongoing, focusing on Critical Processes and Critical Data, Using Risk Indicators and Thresholds, and making adjustments to monitoring activities.
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Running Smarter Trials with Data-Driven Monitoring

Clinical monitoring remains one of the most important and most costly activities in the clinical research paradigm. Unlike many clinical trial activities, which have been steadily transformed by technology, the monitoring function itself has changed little. 

This white paper examines the core components, prospective benefits, and broad principles for the adoption of a data-driven monitoring solution and how it can substantially improve study quality, safety, and also reduce monitoring costs, which today account for 15-30% of total study costs.

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     Part One: Taming Technology Chaos
     A Vision of eClinical’s Future
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    Laboratory Management for Clinical and Research NGS Labs

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     Hadoop's Rise in Life Sciences  
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     Optimizing Early Phase Oncology Clinical Trials 
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     Translational Research 2.0 by Chris Asakiewicz PhD 
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     Unlocking the Value of Observational Research  
     Cutting Costs, Saving Time: Improving Life Sciences Operations with Digital Signatures 


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