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E-Prescribing Vendors Talk Back Digital HealthCare & Productivity | A month ago, acting Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) administrator Kerry Weems said that physicians can no longer use cost as an excuse for not switching to electronic prescribing. “The business case is turned around,” Weems said citing the affordability of the technology and reasonably small workflow changes it requires.

MGMA Meeting Pushes High Tech Patient ID Cards Digital HealthCare & Productivity | SAN DIEGO—The Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) will push the health insurance industry to standardize patient identification cards with magnetic stripes, bar codes, or embedded chips and has commissioned a study to quantify the potential savings for payers and providers alike.

e-Prescribing Crash Course Digital HealthCare & Productivity | Acting Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) administrator Kerry Weems called last week’s national conference on electronic prescribing a “crash course in e-prescribing.” The Oct. 7 event brought more than 1,400 physicians, pharmacists, practice administrators, health-IT professionals, vendors, and government representatives to Boston for an intensive study of the technology ahead of a Medicare incentive program that begins in January.

CMS Focuses on E-Prescribing Digital HealthCare & Productivity | BOSTON—With less than three months to go before Medicare starts paying incentives to physicians for electronic prescribing, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is working frantically to get the word out about the benefits of such technology.

Affordable DNA Sequencing, Improved Imaging Technologies, Move the PM Ball Forward Digital HealthCare & Productivity | Slashing the cost of DNA sequencing is a prerequisite to making genomic medicine widely available and early this week, a new contender—Complete Genomics—emerged with a pledge to hit the $1000 genome price perhaps by this spring. My colleague and Bio-IT World’s editor-in-chief, Kevin Davies, was one the journalists to receive a comprehensive briefing and has charted the new company’s ambitious plans in an article posted online.

McKesson’s Personalized Medicine Prospects Digital HealthCare & Productivity | McKesson is jockeying for a prominent position in the rapidly evolving personalized medicine race, developing capabilities for next-generation electronic health records (EHRs), says Andrew Mellin, vice president for Predictive Care Solutions. The San Francisco-based health care giant formed this new group last year within the Life Sciences division, focusing in particular on tweaking its Horizon Clinicals products—decision support and physician order entry—to support advancements in genomics, genetic testing, and bioinformatics as they emerge.

MediNotes Acquisition to Open Doors to Physician Practices Digital HealthCare & Productivity | With its recently announced plans to take over MediNotes (West Des Moines, Iowa), Atlanta-based hospital systems vendor Eclipsys is making a push into the fast-growing but hard-to-reach market for independent physician practices

Global Image Search Digital HealthCare & Productivity | It’s certainly not the first Web site to be likened to YouTube for medicine, but—formerly called MDPIXX—might just be the first truly global online repository of medical images and multimedia for physicians. The site, developed in Spain, also includes platforms for clinical exchange and telemedicine.

Survey Says Epocrates Enjoys iPhone Success Digital HealthCare & Productivity | If the iPhone is the killer app that pushes thousands of physicians to adopt health-IT (see “iPhone Will Change Health-IT, Says Datamonitor”), then the Epocrates Rx drug and formulary reference might be the software equivalent. At least that’s what San Mateo, Calif.-based Epocrates is claiming, based on the results of a customer survey.

Cancer Biomarkers Make Progress, Present Challenges Digital HealthCare & Productivity | The rush to develop effective biomarkers has perhaps been greatest in cancer and there have been notable successes. Clearly the need is great, but solid progress has also been accompanied by scientific and business model challenges

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Sites and Sponsors: Mending Bridges over Troubled Waters
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This podcast brings together two industry leaders to focus on the issues that divide sponsors and sites. On the one hand sites and sponsors unite in advancing better health care through a common passion for developing better drugs. Yet some issues divide them and bridges need to be built or mended to advance the highest levels of cooperation, coordination and success in clinical trials. Listen as the key issues are debated from the site and the sponsor side and new methods and technology are advanced that offer near-term and lasting solutions.

• Common ground in reaching agreement on a budget

• Improving the pace of agreement on budgets and contracts

• Processes for payment to sites on a timely basis

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