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Spain Biotech: An Engine for Economic Change 

TCS podcastDiscover how Spain is focusing on biotechnology to be an engine for economic change through gradual internationalization, development and technology transfer.

Regional governments are actively investing in public and private biology research and promoting the creation of knowledge-based companies. Spain’s human capital combined with aggressive investment in biotech research and infrastructure has led to the creation of bio-clusters.

Today, there are nearly 700 Spanish companies engaged in biotechnology, with almost 50 percent growth in funding devoted to research. In fact, spending on internal R & D in biotechnology has grown 46 percent and is close to 300 million Euros.

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“What Will Drive Tomorrow’s Health Business Innovation: Technology, Standards or New Business Models?” 

Medidata Solutions 2This podcast will discuss the current state of health business innovation, particularly around providing solutions for clinical trials and drug development. Executives from Medidata and SAS will address the following questions:

  • Does the health industry need more technology to drive business innovation?
  • How does the current state of industry standards impact the ability of technology to drive business innovation?
  • Is the lack of integration, inability to enter clean data or data privacy issues posing barriers to fully exploiting today’s technology?
  • Are standards and technology adoption hindered by misaligned business models?

Speakers: Glen de Vries, President of Medidata Solutions, and Jason Burke, Global Director of Health and Life Sciences Market Segments, SAS.

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Rising Clinical Trial Delays and Costs - Addressing the Cause, Not the Symptoms 

medidata podcastProtocol complexity is taking a toll on clinical study speed and efficiency: increasingly complicated and ambitious protocols are not only burdening sites and study volunteers but are also prolonging trials and increasing expenses. In response, sponsors have turned to global study placement, restructured site relationships and new site management practices, but the problem remains.

This podcast will discuss:

  • Why these responses address only the symptoms, not the underlying cause, of rising clinical trial delays and costs.
  • Results of a recent joint Tufts University / Medidata Solutions study.
  • New metrics benchmarking protocol design trends.
  • Systematic protocol design improvements and why they are essential to clinical trial performance excellence.

Speakers: Ken Getz, Senior Research Fellow at the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development, and Ed Seguine, General Manager, Trial Planning Solutions at Medidata.

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Next Generation Sequencing 

genologics NGS imageLearn how labs can maximize the value they receive from their next generation sequencing instruments:

  • How can labs generate value from their next generation sequencing instruments
  • What are the data management challenges for labs conducting next generation sequencing
  • What do genomics labs need to look for when evaluating lab and data management systems
  • How are different labs using a lab and data management system to address their data management challenges

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Manage Your Biorepositories 

Genologics BI imageLearn about solutions for managing your biospecimens and biorepositories:

  • What is the single largest challenge facing organizations in terms of accelerating research
  • How is data collection being managed across disparate organizations and sites
  • How will data be managed in terms of complying with regulations such as HIPAA
  • How does solving biorepository data management help organizations that are conducting translational research
  • What are examples of how some organizations are tackling this research challenge

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Emerging IT Trends for 2008

Bio-IT World Contributing Editor Salvatore Salamone discusses the major IT trends that potentially will have the greatest impact on drug discovery research in 2008.Listen to the Podcast

Emerging IT Trends for 2006
Bio-IT World senior IT editor Sal Salamone discusses the major IT trends that potentially will have the greatest impact on drug discovery research in 2006. (3.59 min)
Jan. 11, 2006

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Matthew Shanahan, chief marketing officer at Teranode responsible for product direction, talks about the Semantic Web for the life sciences. (9:49)

Interviewed by Salvatore Salamone, senior IT editor, Bio-IT World - Dec. 14, 2005

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Data Virtualization: Agile Data Solutions for Life Sciences
Sponsored by Denodo

Looking Forward: The Case for Intelligent Design (and Infrastructure) in Life Science Biologics R&D
Sponsored by BIOVIA

Accelerating the Pace of Discovery In the Age of Data Intensive Science
Sponsored by Internet2

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medidata_podcast_Sites and Sponsors: Mending Bridges over Troubled Waters  
Sites and Sponsors: Mending Bridges over Troubled Waters
Sponsored by Medidata Solutions Worldwide

This podcast brings together two industry leaders to focus on the issues that divide sponsors and sites. On the one hand sites and sponsors unite in advancing better health care through a common passion for developing better drugs. Yet some issues divide them and bridges need to be built or mended to advance the highest levels of cooperation, coordination and success in clinical trials. Listen as the key issues are debated from the site and the sponsor side and new methods and technology are advanced that offer near-term and lasting solutions.

• Common ground in reaching agreement on a budget

• Improving the pace of agreement on budgets and contracts

• Processes for payment to sites on a timely basis

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