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Best Practices Awards - Submit your Entry

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Deadline for Entry: Early Deadline November 11 (no entry fee).
December 9, 2016 | Entry Form

Clinical Informatics News is seeking submissions to its Fourth Annual Clinical Informatics News Best Practices Awards. This awards program seeks to recognize outstanding examples of applied strategic innovation—partnerships, deployments, and collaborations that manifestly improve the clinical trial process.

Deadline for Entry: Early Deadline November 11 (no entry fee).
December 9, 2016

Submit your completed entry by completing and sending the Entry Form (word document) to Allison Proffitt, Editorial Director, 617.233.8280 or along with any supporting documentation.

2014 Best Practices Winners

2015 Best Practices Winners

2016 Best Practices Winners

Entry Criteria

The work for which recognition is sought must have been done in the last two years and be substantially complete.

Nominations are open to R&D and scientific facilities and labs in pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, academia, government, medical or related institutions and organizations, as well as public and private research organizations.

We encourage all SCOPE Exhibitors and Sponsors to participate!


Upon submission of this nomination, you grant Clinical Informatics News the use of any photos, video or product/company information gained as a result of this process, without further permission. A minimum number of entries is required in order for a winner to be named. Entries after the deadline will not be guaranteed for consideration. All entries become property of Clinical Informatics News. Copyright Healthtech Publishing 2016.

Entry Tips from Judges


  • Highlight customer success stories and case studies that advance the industry.
  • Describe the problem addressed and its importance
  • List relevant technologies/products used on the project
  • Identify key results and quantify the ROI associated with the project (e.g. man-hours or $ saved; new capabilities)
  • Quantify the resources expended (hours, personnel, $)
  • Explain broader impact on the community/ industry


  • Enter promotional “brochure-ware” or rewrite press releases
  • Make vague, unsupported qualitative claims
  • Emphasize technology (product) features over project results—integrate the two
  • Forget to clearly identify positive results/benefits!

Click here for the Entry Form

For reprints and/or copyright permission, please contact Angela Parsons, 781.972.5467.