Verantos Announces Collaboration With Amgen On Real World Evidence

By Clinical Research News Staff

April 4, 2019 | Verantos announced a collaboration with Amgen focused on the use of advanced data sources and artificial intelligence (AI) to achieve high-accuracy observational studies.

The collaboration is focused on how current real-world evidence (RWE) techniques in cardiovascular medicine may be advanced with natural language processing and machine learning to achieve more timely and clinically meaningful insights from observational studies. Initial work has demonstrated high accuracy in cohort definition of inclusion criteria, exclusion criteria, exposures, and outcomes with sensitivity increased from 50% to more than 90% for most cohorts.

"Early results from this collaboration have revealed that typical study approaches in cardiovascular medicine should be enhanced when clinical assertions are made," says Dan Riskin, Founder and CEO of Verantos, said in a press release. "We appreciate the value Amgen places on innovation in observational research methods and data ascertainment and high accuracy results, and look forward to continuing to support them in real world evidence."

Verantos and Amgen plan to submit initial findings from their partnership for peer-reviewed publication in 2019.


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